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  1. The section reinforces the molecular and multidisciplinary approach essential to almost all areas of pharmacology and drug innovation. In this context, but also beyond, it presents the practices and perspectives of state-of the art data utilization and data science, and supports the application of data analysis methods to health care and health industry.

  2. The Immunopharmacology section of HUPHAR deals with innovative medicines in the field of immunology and inflammatory diseases. We regularly follow the recent developments, especially with respect to targeted therapies. We confer up-to-date information on these novel agents at scientific conferences and postgraduate courses.

  3. The aim of the Pharmaceutical Medicine Section of the Hungarian Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology Society is to support the research, clinical development and scientifically based marketing of medicines. It encourages the scientific cooperation of clinical and industrial developers for continuously improving the effectivity of drug therapy.

  4. The aim of the Section is to help the Hungarian Clinical Pharmacology including research, therefore since more than 20 years it organizes the yearly Hungarian Clinical Pharmacology Congress in Debrecen with 4-500 participants. This enables the meeting of the whole experimental and clinical community (relevant Authority and Ethical Committee, pharmaceutical companies, developers, Investigators and CROs).

  5. The activity of this section is determined by a large unmet need that continuously comes from the research of the pharmaceutical industry. Research to identify new medicines represents a kind of separation and dedication today in Hungary (Cariprazine, the Medicine of the Year in 2020-ban). Drugs research in the industry can accomplish the current challenges Tovább …

  6. Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism Katalin MonostoryELRN Research Centre for Natural SciencesÁdám Ferenc Kiss – section coordinatorBorsodvíz Ltd., Testing Laboratory Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Molecular Informatics Péter MátyusSemmelweis University, Bionic Innovation Centre Ltd.Anikó Borábás – section coordinatorUniversity of Debrecen, Dep Pharmaceutical Chemistry Experimental Pharmacology István BaczkóUniversity of Szeged, Dep Pharmacology & PharmacotherapyAnna Kothencz – section coordinatorUniversity of Tovább …