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Huphar youth contest 2020

HUPHAR Youth Contest 2020

Our Society announces this year’s Youth Contest for its young members with a successful track record in the field of pharmacology and pharmaceutical research, with the following conditions and rules.

Entries should either consist of a summary of an unpublished work in experimental pharmacology or be based on a previously published paper by the lead author. The latter should also include a brief summary of the purpose and results of the work, their scientific significance and potential exploitability and the publication forming the basis for the entry itself. Entries can be submitted in Hungarian or English language.

Requirements for submitting entries:

• Contenders may not be older than 35 in 2020 and must include a statement to that effect in the cover letter attached to their entry. The cover letter should include the contender’s contact details such as mailing address, phone number and email address.

• A confirmation of payment of the membership contribution for 2019 and 2020 must also be attached.

• Entries must be sent electronically as a PDF file to Secretary General of the HUPHAR Dr. Zsuzsanna Helyes to the following email addresses: [email protected] and[email protected]. Please insert “Youth Contest 2020” plus the name of the contender in the subject line.

• The final deadline for the submission of the entries is 20 December 2020.
Entries submitted after the deadline may be rejected.

The Board of the HUPHAR will set up a review panel with three members coordinated by the Secretary General. The winning entries and places will be selected by the Board of the HUPHAR by secret ballot, and the results will be announced at the 2021 general meeting.

All contenders will receive a honorary certificate from HUPHAR. The author of the entry awarded first place will receive a cash prize of HUF 150,000, the second place HUF 100,000 and the third place HUF 50,000, paid as a grant after conclusion of the grant agreement.

Budapest, 15 October 2020

Dr. Zsuzsanna Helyes                                                          Dr. Péter Ferdinandy  

 Secretary General                                                                        President