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Medicine of the Year 2023

The Hungarian Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

announces its

“Medicine of the Year 2023”

award application

The Hungarian Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (MFT) established the “Drug of the Year” award in 1996. The prize is the creation of Tamás Asszonyi, an artist from Szentendre: a large bronze relief and an accompanying certificate. By founding the trademark award, the MFT was guided by the intention to use its professional prestige to promote the noble goal of spreading the most up-to-date, most effective and most patient-friendly preparations for the treatment of diseases in our country, and for new therapeutic procedures to become established.

Tender conditions

  1. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and/or distribution companies registered in Hungary, which are MFT “Platinum level” supporting members and, if possible, sign a support contract with the MFT on the financial contribution of the supporting member, can apply. The details of the “Platinum level” supporting member are included in the tender announcement appendix and the invitation for supporting membership, which can also be found on the Company’s website.
  2. You can apply in three categories, “medicine”, “medicine-medical technology combination” and “innovative follow-up medicine” categories with a product that has a marketing authorization in the EU and/or Hungary (the authorization is valid from January 1, 2018 and issued with a date between January 1, 2023).
  3. The application must contain the essential data on the drug or combination preparation, on the basis of which the drug received the marketing authorization from the competent authority, as well as a brief summary of the new knowledge acquired since then. The number and date of the pedigree authorization and the marketing authorization must be indicated, as well as a statement as to whether the medicine has been accepted for social insurance support in our country. Relevant literature references must also be attached to the application.
  4. On a separate attached page (A4, 2-4 pages), the applicant must briefly summarize the reasons why the medicine or combination preparation represents a significant advance in the given therapeutic area (see detailed evaluation criteria).
  5. The application must be sent in 1 printed and signed copy to the following address:

Dr. Zsuzsanna Helyes, HUPHAR Secretary General

Hungarian Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

(Semmelweis University NET Building, Institute of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy)

1089, Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4.

Please also send the project electronically in one file, signed in pdf format, to the e-mail addresses slaž[email protected] and [email protected]. Please indicate “Drug of the Year 2023” as the subject of the e-mail.

  1. To evaluate the applications received, the Management of the MFT forms a Review Committee, which prepares its expert opinion by asking the opinions of external experts. Knowing this, the Management of the MFT makes a proposal for the awarding of the prize to the general meeting by secret ballot, which is decided by the general meeting. The invited experts may not be in a legal relationship related to work with a pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company registered in Hungary.
  2. Evaluation criteria (compared to competitor products, if relevant):

The novelty of the mechanism of action

In the case of a new indication, “reposition”, the novelty of the mechanism of action in the new indication

A breakthrough in chemical and/or biological and/or engineering scientific discovery

Medicines, medicine-device combination preparations, and innovative follow-up medicines (e.g. biosimilars) fill gaps in the given therapeutic area in our country

Favorable side effect and interaction profiles

Favorable metabolism and pharmacokinetic properties

Better therapeutic efficacy

Cost-effective, user-friendly preparation

Domestic research and development added value (preclinical and clinical studies)

Domestic market turnover

  1. The MFT has the right to suspend the payment of the fee in a given year. The winner is entitled to use one of the following titles according to the different categories, after the award ceremony:
  • “Drug of the Year 2023”
  • “Drug of the year 2023 – in the drug-medical device combination category”,
  • “Drug of the year 2023 – in the innovative follow-up drug category”
  1. Deadline for submitting applications: January 15, 2024.
  2. Date of announcement of results: April 2024. The award ceremony will be jointly organized by the MFT and the awarded company(s), and the date and location will be agreed upon.

The call for tenders can be downloaded here.

Budapest, May 10, 2023.