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The 2023 awardees

1st place:

Barbara Fülöp (PTE)

Title of the work: “IL-1 Mediates Chronic Stress-Induced Hyperalgesia Accompanied by Microglia and Astroglia Morphological Changes in Pain-Related Brain Regions in Mice”

2nd place:

Nabil Viktor Sayour (SE)

Title of the work: “Cardioprotective efficacy of limb remote ischemic preconditioning in rats: discrepancy between a meta-analysis and a three-centre in vivo study”

3rd place:

Leila Topal (SZTE)

Title of the project: “Cardiac electrophysiological remodeling associated with enhanced arrhythmia susceptibility in a canine model of elite exercise”

Ferenc Fekete (HUN-REN TTK)

Title of the project: “Genetic and non-genetic factors affecting blood levels of olanzapine”

Balázs Nemes (PTE)

Title of the project: “Elucidation of the binding mode of organic polysulfides on the human TRPA1 receptor”