3rd international Cooperative European Medicines Development Course (CEMDC)


The 3rd international Cooperative European Medicines Development Course (CEMDC) starts in
Central-Eastern Europe early 2015.
For current and future pharma managers
For further details of registration consult: www.cemdc.eu
The aim of the course is to train experts who understand the complex process of medicines development from molecule to health care and who can apply this knowledge working in large or small, innovative or generic pharmaceutical companies regulatory agencies, in health care and health insurance management.
The course material was carefully compiled by academic and industry experts to meet the needs of both the pharmaceutical industry and health care. It covers the 3 main competency areas of medicines development: Drug Development and Clinical Trials; Regulatory Affairs and Safety of Medicines; Health Care and Professionalism.
The teaching follows the international, harmonized modular training program and quality standards developed by PharmaTrain. The CEMDC is internationally accredited as a PharmaTrain Center of Excellence.
The entire Base Diploma Course contains 6 modules and is finished by a comprehensive, final examination. Each module lasts 4 days and is finished by an examination. The modules are given in 2-3 month intervals. It is possible to visit only selected modules to satisfy individual educational needs.
Students can apply with medical, pharmaceutical, MSc or equivalent degrees in natural and life sciences. The course is open for students of all nationalities.
The official language of the course is English.
Coordinated by the Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
Participation fee: 1000 EUR per module, 500 EUR for the final examination
Deadline for registration: December 01, 2014
CEMDC flyer: see attachment or download: http://cemdc.eu/wp-content/uploads/CEMDC.pdf
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