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Translation and Clinical Pharmacology

Section of Translational and Clinical Pharmacology

The idea of the Translational Medicine cycle is to formulate questions at the bedside, follow this up with scientific activity through well-designed clinical research projects, and then feed the accumulated knowledge back into patient care through appropriate communication. All this is essential for high-quality and cost-effective patient care. Today, the language used by researchers and practitioners is so different that it also makes it difficult to harness knowledge in patient care. Communication is as much about educating patients – for example, understanding why it is important to take a particular medicine – as it is about getting information across to medical students, practitioners and professionals, or even decision-makers, in a way that is accessible.

The section aims to promote the Translational Medicine model as widely as possible, but in particular

a) to promote the practical use of scientific findings and innovations in health care, b) to help all members of the population (including healthy individuals, patients, medical students, doctors, practitioners and decision-makers) to understand and implement evidence-based knowledge in their daily lives.